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Here’s something awesome to start off your Monday:

I tore this ad out of one of my Runner's World magazines in high school, and put it on on my binder cover for all my classmates to see.

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I needed that little running laugh because it’s been two months since my last run, and that makes my heart ache a little.

It’s almost 7 a.m. here, and at this time I’m usually already beginning my daily sweat fest on the bike at the school’s gym. But instead, I’m waiting for my turn in my apartment complex’s pool.

There are 3, (without being offensive in any way), older ladies in it right now, getting in their daily swim. Aren’t they studs? I hope to be like that and be super active for my whole life! However, the pool here isn’t big enough for them to swim their laps and for me to pool run, so here I am in my family room, trying to patiently wait.

That’s right pool running. Let the changes begin! I have decided to switch things up, and set a few goals to help me really heal this foot and get back on the roads as soon as possible. I suspect my bike workouts are slowing the healing of my foot as I push on the pedal in the exact area of my stress fractures, so it’s time for something new.

Here are the goals:

1. Pool run (and go hard, very hard) for the next 2-3 weeks. I’m hoping that is all it takes.

2. Try out some rowing, see if that is also a good cross training alternative, as in: see if it doesn’t hurt my foot.

3. Figure out how one goes about getting an x-ray and/or a bone scan on this island, and then GET ONE! Or both. I need to know where I’m at in the healing process.

4. In the mean time supplement my new pool running routine with more strength training. I’ll continue to do yoga once or twice a week, but I also really need to get my lazy bum back in the gym. However, I’ll avoid anything that puts too much pressure on my foot for now.

5. Try to stay off my foot as much as possible the rest of the time. Elevate, rest, etc.

6. Keep taking calcium, morning and night

So there you go, six goals that I’m “writing out loud” to help me plan for success. The running bug has bit me once again, and I’m so hungry to get back to racing. But I want to be healthy and strong enough to where that desire to run and race well doesn’t get overdone and land me right back to injury. That vicious cycle I’ve been more or less stuck in for two years now.

Any other suggestions to speed the recovery of a stress fractured foot? It’s been two months, and it’s obvious I have ants in my pants.

But, whenever running is finally ready for me again, I’m going to do everything now to be ready for it. I will be ready.


24 thoughts on “Goal Time

    • Yay, I would LOVE a buddy!! I just came in from my my first pool session and I saw you up on your balcony, but your back was turned. I would’ve called out, but I was too out of breath!! So yes, please come join me! And don’t forget yoga tonight :)

    • They do have more! It was an old ad campaign for adidas, I think. There are definitely some other funny ones, but this was the one I had on my binder in high school. I myself, am not the best at snot rockets. Oh well!

    • YES it IS the worst, and I’m tired of it! Boo. Good luck to you too! It sounds like your return to running is coming along nicely!

  1. sounds like a good plan Cec and this must be so hard for you but you are being so positive and keeping busy :) I hope everything is A.OK soon xoxoxo

    and I WISH I could blow snot out like that.

    • Ah I know, I’m not good at snot blowing, especially not while I’m running…and tired…my past attempts do not end well for me. TMI? Yep.

      And thanks so much, I’m definitely not always positive, but I’m just trying to let the positive out weigh the negative. It’s all for the love of running!

  2. Looks like a great plan! I had a stress fracture last year and it just sucked not being able to run… and running hasn’t been a part of my life for as long as it has been for you. (I don’t know if that sentence made sense!). Good for you, being smart and knowing what it takes to heal.
    Love LOVE the picture.

  3. Such a bummer not being able to run — been there. I always feel like it’s a small blessing in surprise though. Nothing rekindles your desire to run like being kept from doing so against your will. At least that’s how it works for me. Hope the cross training and extra rest helps — when I sprained my toe, I found that the row machine didn’t hurt my foot (but there’s a big difference between a stress fracture and a sprain!). I’m sure with a few more weeks you’ll be back outside running strong again.

    • It’s so true, there have been a lot of good things that have come from this injury. Now, I’m just ready to get back though! I’m excited to try the row machine, I’m hoping it doesn’t push on my foot too much. We’ll see!

  4. Oh no I am so sad to hear that your foot is still not healed. :( I think the plan sounds awesome not the ticket is sticking too it. You can totally do this. 2-3 weeks is nothing and it will be totally worth it to run at 100%.

    I totally need to start taking a calcium supplement!

    • Yes, I really hope it’s only 2-3 more weeks! If not, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, I guess. For now, it feels much more doable to tell myself 2-3 more weeks. One step at a time, haha!

  5. I remember in highschool when injured runners would be pool running and take up a lane of our swim practice! As a former swimmer, I couldn’t imagine doing pool running. I’d much rather just swim! I hope that this speeds your recovery time! I can imagine that even cycling indoors puts stress on your foot. Good luck!!

    • Yes, pool running can be very awkward, both doing it and just watching. I’ve always received funny looks while I churn up the water around me. Jess and I call it “controlled drowning.” I love swimming too! I like to sort of mix them together into one workout if I can. And for how awkward pool running may come across, it can really be a great workout and it feels good to mimic the running motion when you’re denied real running. Oh the things we do for a workout!

  6. Good luck with the pool runs! I tried it a few weeks ago and boy is it harder than it looks!!

    Good for you for being so positive about your injury and finding other ways to stay fit. I got a little taste of how tough it is to be sidelined with injury this past few weeks and it’s HARD. Thinking of you and hoping that you’re feeling better soon!!

  7. That last line. Yes. That’s exactly how I feel. I’ve started running and my knee still bothers me a little, but the fact that my lungs and the rest of my leg feels pretty strong is a good sign that I held onto a lot more than I expected in the past 4 months of cross training. I hope the rowing and pool running works out for you!! I’ve been doing pool running once a week to get in a hard workout off land and it really kills me. I hope that foot heals up!!

  8. love these goals!!! pushing yourself with the xt is really key for maintaining fitness for sure….I wasn’t able to XT as intensely as I wanted, soo unfortunately my return to has been kind of difficult. I’d definitely caution against going balls-to-the-wall the first time you’re in the pool though – take a session to remind your muscles what it’s like so you don’t pull/strain anything ( i did that with the arctrainer and it wasn’t pretty) but I’m sure you know that. I think calcium supplementation is a good idea – I’ve always taken it and, despite not getting a period, I have regular bone density and have never gotten a fracture, so I really do think there’s something to it! And YES to strength!!! I started strength training regularly for a few weeks before beginning to run, and I feel sooooo much more powerful and like I have better form….I probably have a little more muscle bulk than I normally do but its definitely worth it.

  9. I have heard they have x-ray machines in Colorado, welcome to come check it out anytime! I like the pool for swimming more then running. As you know, I was bit hard by the Triathlon bug last summer in Idaho. So far I have been avoiding this fact by not signing up for any races. The other issue is I don’t have a bike that I want to compete with. Due to my lack of a good ride, Marilyn started a bike fund at my request and has been saving money every month for me. It has grown large enough that I now have enough to buy a Tri-bike, so it’s time to get serious about picking a race. Yesterday I signed up for a Sprint Tri in Longmont, CO on 19 May. So I am back in the training mode again. I have added resistance training to my plan this year based on something I heard from the top finisher in my age group at the Spudman last July. Guess we will see if that helps. When you and Jess get ready, I think you should try doing a Triathlon, you will love it! Just ask your brother Bob.
    30 mins on Recumbent
    4 miles at 7:36 on the tread
    Swam 2000 yards last night

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