I bet you thought…

I was dead. Or injured. Or sick. Again.

Nope. Just busy.  Oh right, busy… doing work like everyone else in the world. Okay so… probably just lazy. Yep. Lazy.

But cute.

(Get ready for a lot more of these photo booth pics.)

And in my defense, I was living the island life for a couple of months… working out, blogging, not really doing much else… It was a good life.  It’s hard to transition back into working and helping out with the track team and you know… growing this little sweetie


It’s funny to me that I can still look semi-normal up here

And like this down here

I’m pretty thrilled with my growing belly, even if it has been the means of a back and hip issue/injury that prevents me from doing any running. (And all those races I had planned!!! Boo!)

The good news is that I’m falling in love with swimming and also trying to love taking a little time off now and then.

In the meantime, Jason has been racing his little buns off! (Thanks to you!!!)

He’s been kicking butt in 5ks, a 10k, and this last Saturday… A HALF MARATHON!!!!

Here’s a picture from one of his 5ks… he got 5th place!!

And on Saturday he rocked the Hafa Half Marathon with a 1:41:56 and an 18th place finish!!!

Afterwards, they jumped into the ocean to cool off… all races should be run next to the ocean!

I’m so glad I’m married to this stud!  Thanks for rocking the running scene while I can’t, Jason.

Oh and P.S.  I almost forgot to tell you… Her name is Emaline. Emaline Joy. :)

16 thoughts on “I bet you thought…

  1. YAY!!!!!!!! shouldn’t have posted on comment on Cec’s post or I wouldn’t have hounded you 😉 you are the CUTEST PREGNANT LADY EVER!!!! Jason is one lucky guy. and speaking of Jay – WOW!!! first half marathon and 141!?!?!?!? he’s amazing 😀

  2. Glad for an update!! You look FANTASTIC, you are officially the cutest preggo lady ever :) You are all belly and it looks great! I hope I look half as good :)

    Good for you for staying active, though sorry to hear of the back/ hip issues. I know all about back pain and it’s no fun, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! A heating pad usually helps, if those are allowed?

  3. Oh my gosh I absolutely love the name!! Love it!! And I kind of love you too. Your bump is the cutest thing ever and how awesome is it that Jason is totally rocking it in your honor. What an awesome husband.

    I am sorry you are unable to run but glad you have such a fantastic attitude about it. Btw the 5k that we were suppose to do in Provo has been cancelled. :( major sad face.

  4. What a beautiful name for a beautiful baby!

    I’m sorry your racing plans have been derailed, but you’ll be amazed when you look back at how quickly it seemed to fly by.

    You may be the cutest pregnant person ever!

  5. I MISSED YOU!! glad you and ‘the peanut” are doing well, even if you do have to do boring normal things like work (I’m not a fan either hahaha). and Emeline Joy is a BEAUTIFUL name!!!! She makes such a cute lil baby bump too haha 😀 And dude, Jason is like the new Ryan Hall or something – way to rock the island running scene!

  6. Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! You look so freaking cute!!!! I love those belly pictures. Jason is a stud- 1:41?! Amazing. I have a feeling that little Emmie is going to be an unstoppable force.

  7. YAAAAY!!!! Congrats on your sweet baby GIRL!!! OMGosh I am so super excited for you!

    That baby bump is too cute for words. Seriously! You are glowing :) Awwwww!

    Hope your hip/butt gets better soon. Is Em laying on a nerve?! That used to happen to me and it hurt pretty darn bad. Glad you can swim and find peace in the water!

    Look at Jason!! ROCKSTAR!

  8. Cute…No way are you just cute! You are the most awesome beautiful pregnant women, period dot. (at least since Andrea was and till Cecily is…or which ever of my daughters/daughter-in-law are..not including Kelsey in this list for another 5-8 years). I love the pouching belly. So much so, I just hung up a picture of your pregnant self in my office cubical. You are so beautiful.

    Good on Jason for keeping up with running. Not like there is much else to do in Guam after or before he goes to work. That’s what deployed warriors do when they are away from their wives. WORK-OUT! It’s the best way to spend your time. Trust me, I’ve been doing it for 34 years, all over the world & the US. I’ve run in Korea, Italy, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Japan, Canada, England, Denmark, Finland, and so many TDY places in the US I can’t remember them all. Working-out is the only other thing I ever really do in St Louis besides hanging out at Boeing playing the USAF’s $300 million X-box game. Well, I do eat and sleep, but that really doesn’t count. So, Run Jason Run!

    Doesn’t he get home this week? Bet your counting the days. I suggest you & Ema get all dolled up and hug and kiss that boy big time when he gets off the plane! That’s what I liked when I came home from a long deployment. Nothing better then a physical reminder of what your the returning war hero was fighting for!

    Speaking of fighting. Back on the Tri trail. Work-outs started yesterday:
    30 mins on recumbent
    4 miles @ 7:48 pace
    Swam 2,000 yards (8×50 sprints, 6×200 paddles & pulls)

  9. Oh man.. I do NOT like the pool. I’m glad you find joy in it though! I really tried. I think if I gave it time I might enjoy it. Jason is seriously rocking the running scene though isn’t he?! Emaline Joy is such a beautiful name… and she has some miiiiiiiighty fine genes!

  10. YOU ARE SO STINKING CUTE!!!!!! We all miss you, pretty girl!
    Your husband is awesome! I’m so glad he’s been able to race for you.
    I hope you’re doing well and the stress of everyday life isn’t getting you down. We all love you :)

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