Pictures of Paradise

Matt had big tests on Tuesday last week, and even though it’s totally Stressville for him before he takes exams, afterward it is play time! We went back to the Marketplace, the famous French bakery Sarafina’s, and then hit the beach. These pictures will explain it better:

It was tons of fun and now Matt is refreshed and back to the grindstone (I’m sure you all are too, as it’s Monday). I wish you were here with me to soak up some sun, but whether you’re running, cross training, taking a break,working, going to school, taking care of your kiddies, whatever you’re up to, have a wonderful week!

9 thoughts on “Pictures of Paradise

  1. No grindstone for us YET- thanks to President’s Day! Your island pictures make me smile. You are going to love looking back at them. They are so full of life!

  2. WOW you really do live in paradise!!! I totally wanna come visit lol. I remember going to the Bahamas when I was younger and there was a street market like that, sooo much color! and you really just can’t beat a french bakery….Matt seems to think so hahaha. Hope you guys are having a great week & good luck to Matt on his exams!!

  3. Yep back to St Louis and the grind. Not that my job is really that tough (how hard can playing X-box be) but it is 750 miles away from home and does entail sleeping alone 3-4 nights a week. So It totally qualifies as a grind. What I really wish is the weather would heat up faster so I can get out and run. Yes, I’m a big baby about being cold. The real problem with me and cold weather has to do with my eyes. “I” just can’t see myself running outside when it less then 60 degrees and sunny or moonlit.

    Loved the pictures. Can’t wait to come visit next Nov.

    Ran 4 miles at 7:48 pace on the tread
    Rode 30 mins on the recumbent
    Pool was closed last night due to President’s Day (boo-hoo)

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