The slow boat back to running

Guys, I’ve done it again; just checked out for a little while.

I didn’t mean to, but the last 3 weeks have been the busiest I’ve been in a long, long time. Island life has taught me to get used to things being much more chill, so when the schedule suddenly bulked up, I didn’t handle it the best. I promise I haven’t just been acting like a tourist and what not…

Strolling down to the beach.


Old Street with my honey.

Island friends!

Oh man, I was supposed to just pretend to lick this ice cream, but I really did accidentally lean too far forward and... Of course, Matt took the picture at that exact moment, forever preserving my embarrassing moment. Awesome.

Belgian Chocolate Shop? Don't mind if I do.

Sorry about that. I know how it looks, but I really have been busy!

Remember how I said I my initial spark of enthusiasm might fade sometimes through my comeback process? Well that’s been going on a little too. With my recent busy-ness I have also had less time to devote to my workouts. I don’t skip much, but more than I’d like. And by “skip” I only mean ever skipping out on my 2nd workout for the day, so I try to keep things in a good perspective and be grateful that I am starting to run and get one good cross training session in per day too.

Here’s the problem with returning to running for me: I’ve been totally spoiled for the last 4 years. After my first year of college, the BYU track team purchased an Alter G, which is an anti-gravity treadmill. Sound like something spacey from the future? That’s because it kind of is. I believe NASA developed it. Anyway, it allows you to run with less weight. It’s like a treadmill with a bubble around it. And all the cool kids have one. Like, Lauren Fleshman and Kara Goucher kind of cool.

Here' s LF zipped into an Alter G. You wear these awesome spandex with a tu-tu looking edge that allows you to zip yourself into a hole at the top of the bubble. I know it sounds confusing unless you see it.

To try and give you a better idea, here’s a video of Kara. In a few of the shots she is running on an Alter G.

The point is, in the past I’ve been able to use it to help me return to running after an injury much faster. Now that I don’t have access to one, I am becoming quickly frustrated with my slow progress back into the realm of running. I mean, going out for only 10-15 minutes can start to wear on an old running soul. Getting on the bike or in the pool after such a teasing little run is slightly torturous.

But I know this is what I need to be doing in order to (hopefully) finally end the vicious cycle of returning to training to quickly and re-injuring myself. SIGH.

17 thoughts on “The slow boat back to running

  1. I absolutely LOVE the Alter-G!! My local running company has one and people can pay to use it. Craziest feeling ever when you’re in it, but it helps so much! I actually didn’t use it in recovering from my more recent injuries and I really think I should have. Running on a treadmill isn’t so appealing, but I think I could have prevented doing too much too soon and getting reinjured!

  2. AAAH THE ALTER G! I have never had access to one in my life, and for that reason I cannot wait until I move to colorado this summer where i’ll have one at my disposal ahaha. I bet it really does help you come back much faster, I remember reading somewhere that Dathan Ritzenheim was able to run almost his full mileage during a tibial sfx with that thing. SO…yeah I defs know how slow it is to come back without one! I’m still doing the 20 minutes three times a week thing and it’s getting REALLY OLD. I don’t even remember what it feels like to run more mileage than that lol. I think the more progress you make, the more enthusiastic you’ll get – these runs seem stupid, insignificant, and chore-like. But if you’re patient and play it safe, eventually you’ll get to feel the running joy again. :)

  3. HEY :) glad you’re back. How’s that sister of yours??

    and I am currently still not running on an injury myself, so I feel you! I get to find out if it’s a stress fracture this week, as tuesday I’m going for a bone scan.

    I know it’s frustrating for you but I know soon enough you’ll be running like crazy. Maybe you’ve had some good things happen due to the injury?? I know I’ve been focusing a lot on my strength and it is really improving. I am also contemplating swimming!

    Wishing you the best Cec xoxox Happy Easter :)

  4. Friend! Happy to see you blog! Keep moving and it will get better. I keep finding myself sidelined, but I’m not taking it as hard as I used to. I guess I’ve really learned that running isn’t all of me- it’s just a small part- and I can focus somewhere else for awhile if I need to. I adore the ice cream cone picture.

  5. Awww so so happy to hear from you!! How is jess doing? I need an update. I am so glad you are back to running and although I’m sure it’s frustrating you have made it through the hardest part and everything should be looking up from here. :) Love all of the fun island pictures!

  6. Coming back is super frustrating! I’m glad to hear you’re healthy again though!

    I ran on an alterg treadmill at an expo once. It was way fun! Just add a little (lot) more to your med school bills and get one! 😉

  7. that looks so cool! i wish i had any motivation to run…or was even allowed to! taking care of yourself is definitely the first priority. enjoy your island life, and get a nice tan for me!

  8. This may sound weird, but I saw a comment you had on and noticed your name, Cecily. That is the name of my oldest daughter who is 11. I just have only ran into one other person with that name, so it really caught my eye. I guess I will have to read your blog now. Go all Cecilys of the world.

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