Still sporting the duplex

So, I know it’s been forever… again… I’ve come to the realization that I’m just not committed.

I mean, I can commit to some things… ice cream, obsessive working out, eating more ice cream because I’m obsessively working out.  You know the program.  

But I did want to hop back on for a quick update on the whole sharing my body with another little lady experience.

I have been loving every second, up until my legs/ankles/feet all because the same size as my thighs and basically look like walking tree trunks.  Yes, the swelling, leaking, aching, waddling stage has finally taken over and I’m officially ready to stop being a duplex and start kissing a little nose and tiny toes and fingers. 

Someone told me that the end of pregnancy gets horrible just so that you’re good and ready to face any kind of pain to get the baby out.

I might just be there.

I’m 38 weeks.  My hospital bag is officially packed.  I use every spare moment to walk around the neighborhood begging little Emaline to come check out her cool new crib that we finally set up.

Unfortunately, she seems very content. Oh well, what’s another 2-3 weeks?  And who says fluid-filled stubs aren’t hot?

Um… me.  But what is hot is having a talented photographer friend who can make you feel pregnancy looks gorgeous on you… even if you’re convinced the only way that was possible was countless hours of editing.  Thank you, SARA WILLIFORD!   Oh well… Enjoy some pics from week 35. (Because I’m sure as heck not going to take any other pictures until Emie is in my arms!!!)

PS If you’re prego and want to sport a Baby on Board tshirt to your races or while you workout… We’ve finally got a pretty good system set up to make/ship your shirt!  Email me… and way to go all you Hot Baby on Board Mamas!!!

28 thoughts on “Still sporting the duplex

  1. OMG Jess!!!!! You look gorgeous! I don’t doubt that you FEEL outrageously awful, I’ve heard bad things about the end of pregnancy haha, but you definitely make one gorgeous preggo lady! :) I’m glad to hear your’e doing well, I’ve missed you and Cecily a lot!

    • Thanks, Kate! The pictures make it look a lot easier than it feels… haha. I miss you so much! I’ve got to check out what’s been going on in your world! I like the new blog name. :) You’re awesome!

  2. So fun to see you! You look great and I’m so excited for you to go through the labor and delivery process- it’s such a miracle!!! Can’t wait to see that new baby when she comes. Hope all goes well. I have been thinking about you :)

    • I’m excited for that little miracle, also! I will definitely post some pics as soon as she gets here! Thanks for thinking of me! You are too sweet!

  3. You look so beautiful in your pictures! I can’t wait to see pictures of your new baby E! Enjoy those first few moments after birth because they can be some of the most incredible moments of your life. It seems like forever now, but in a few weeks it will all be gone and forgotten and you’ll have your beautiful baby.

    I’m super (read pathetically) excited to read post from you!

    • I love “new baby E”… you’re so good at coming up with names! haha! :) I think I might steal that. Thanks for still loving me even after the huge absence! You’re the best!

  4. Oh my gosh I love you!!! I see you haven’t lost your sense of humor and I love it. Thanks so so much for updating Jess. You are absolutely gorgeous and I love, love, love the name. Wow this post just made me so happy. You must update us as soon as she makes her appearence. I am already dying to see pictures. :)

    • Aww…. Thanks, Rachelle! I’ve missed you so much! I need to go check out how you’re doing! I promise to get some pics up of Emie as soon as she decides to come… crossing fingers that it’s sooner than later! :)

  5. I was just thinking about you the other day – I swear that is just a nice thing, and not at all creepy :) So glad to hear that you are doing well! You look fabulous, too. Enjoy these last few weeks (or days)!

    • Oh man, am I crossing my fingers that it might be days!!! Thanks for thinking of me in a not creepy (but actually very sweet) way. Haha. Hope you and the kiddos are all doing well!! :)

      • Hey sorry I was at work. So I couldn’t comment much. I am also SOOOOO excited to “meet” Emaline. Colin has been pestering me to email you but I knew you’d come back on your own before the babe was born – call it women’s intuition 😉 You look sooooooo beautiful pregnant.

  6. Oh, thank you!!! I don’t know how you amazing bloggers do it… I always get so burned out with posting. :) Still, I plan on sticking around to put up some pics once she’s here and stuff and I just end up missing ladies like you too much to stay away indefinitely. :)

    • Thanks!!! She’s definitely cooking… though I feel like she’s in the slow cooker for sure. Haha. :) Hopefully it won’t be too long now, though… and before I know it she’ll be busting out burpees like your darlings. :)

  7. LOVE your pictures :). You look amazing!
    And posting is a lot of work. If you’re not into it, you’re not into it. No need to add pressure to your life that is already so full. I do love getting updates though :D.

  8. Whoa…I didn’t even know you’d posted Jess! Give me a head’s up next time! I love those pics of you. I know I’ve already seen them, but I can’t say enough times how gorgeous you are!

    I’m headed your way in like 60 hours! Please Jess and Emie, just wait a few more days for me!

  9. I read this at work and meant to comment when I got home but forgot!! GORGEOUS pictures, you’re such a beautiful mama to be! I can’t wait to see pictures of little Emaline! (and I LOVE the name, by the way!!) I hope mama and baby are doing great, can’t wait for an update!! :)

  10. I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and fell in love with your “baby on board” running T’s. I’m so glad to see that you have them available now! How would I be able to get one?
    Congratulations on your pregnancy (and probably arrival of your bundle of joy by now)! The pictures are beautiful!

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