And I said I wouldn’t

I guess I just like proving myself wrong.

Cec and I had fun racing a memorial day 10k!! Cec treated it like a threshold, since she’s preparing for some other races coming up soon. (Another Ragnar… Canadian style! So jealous.) And I just tried not to die.

Turns out not dying is a great way to start out Memorial day.

Something about that sentence feels inappropriate. Oh well.

Can you run only 3 times in a month and still pull out a 5:30 average pace 10k? Well, maybe someone can, but that someone isn’t me… Still I stayed under 6 minute pace and I can feel good about that.

What I can’t feel good about…


Getting beat by that guy. It’s just hard to get schooled by an old dude, especially one in such a stylish get-up.

But then, my dad just turned 59 today and he still races like a boss. So, I guess I can, after all, feel good about patriotic cap beating me.

After a gigantic omelet at Fifi’s Diner, and since we were so close already, we took Emaline to San Fran for the first time. She was enamored by all the people, sea lions, and metal robot men. Those guys really are cool. We didn’t take any pics of her with them because we were too cheap to make a donation. But we did get video documentation of her first taste of chocolate at Ghirardelli’s Square!

True woman.

6 thoughts on “And I said I wouldn’t

  1. HOLY FREAKING COW! I can’t believe you ran that fast without even trying. You are incredible.

    Also, we need a full update from Cecily…

    • I will get Cecily on that… Maybe. 😉 I’m super excited that you’re running a marathon this weekend! You are so the coolest!

  2. 2 posts so close. Dream come true. Anyone who runs a 10k averaging anything under 6 is a hero in my book. And you never even run… so that makes you a SUPER HERO! I’ve been averaging 9 minute miles these days… but I’ve got a good excuse for that. 😉
    Where was the race? I feel like I’ve seen that old guy before. haha
    PS. You look WAYYYY better than the old guy… despite who “won.”

    • I think it was called Marin college…

      And please tell me that you are telling me what I think you are telling me with that winky face!!!!! Because if so, I’m doing an epic happy dance for you right now. Seriously, this might be some of the best news ever!!!!!! You are going to be so amazing!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

  3. YAY! So nice to hear from you and see that you’re posting :) I can NOT believe you raced that fast and haven’t really been running!!!!!!!

    I love Emaline :) she is so cute!!!!!! I hope Jason is doing well :) say Hi to Cec for us xoxox

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