Probably Not

Once upon a time two sisters started a blog… ok, 2 blogs. 3? So, they started a few blogs… They would faithfully post for a short period of time and then readers (the few, the proud) would wonder if they died or at the very least lost the majority of their digits in a chop saw accident, rendering them unable to type. Although, I’m sure there is still a way to blog despite lack of our amazing tactile members. In fact, there is probably a whole blog dedicated to the ramblings of the Man Without Fingers. Or not.

Anyway, point is that we’re not so good at follow through. At least, I’m not so good. In fact, if I were going to start a brand new blog today (which I’m not, because this one is already set up and I’m lazy) I would call it, “Probably Not.” As in, “Will I keep this blog updated?” Probably Not. “Will I write anything that will change your life?” Probably Not. “Will there be any sweet crafty tips or great recipes or something like those swanky, young mom blogs that always have their pics on pinterest?” Not. The Probably isn’t even necessary there. “Will I even be entertained at all?” PN

“Don’t Count on It” was in the running for my imaginary blog name, but there would just be too much involved in writing “DCoI.” Way too much work has already gone into this non-existent blog. So…

Why am I writing now? Is it so that I can update everyone on my life, seeing as the last post just had a narcissistical (the English language is ever evolving, so don’t shoot the term down just because it can’t be found in a dictionary) number of photos starring my large, yet adorable, prego belly? PN

By the way, that belly got a lot bigger and a lot less adorable or even tolerable about a week later. And that’s not saying anything about the tree trunk legs that started at my waist and continued down into my toes without a break or curve… It wasn’t canckles, it was thighles… it was waistles… it was ugly.

The miracle of pregnancy.

No, I’m just writing now, because I feel like it. More than just the “oh, yeah, I should write a blog post again…” and then I go to the freezer and eat a popsicle feel like it. The real kind… where I actually put the computer on my lap sitting here on the floor with a bowl of cherries to eat and I’m typing away with all ten of my intact digits kind of feel like it.

And that’s about where I lose interest.

Hey, I tried to warn you not to have any expectations. Still, since I’ve never posted anything about my daughter and she is almost one (can you believe it?!?!) I guess I throw up a pic or two. Turns out Jason and I make pretty cute kids… Well, kid. Hopefully kids. Someday. Soon.

I don’t miss the swelling, but there is nothing like pregnancy glow. If someone could bottle those hormones, I’d be a junkie.

Well, without further ado…







As for running… Yep, I still do it, but only about once a week, when Jason has the day off and I can go sans lady cheeks. I thought I’d be rocking the jogging stroller, but running + pushing stroller = real slow and annoying runs. Not. A. Fan.

I’ve got a new love affair. We meet up out in the garage about 5 days a week. I wait until Jason leaves for work and Emaline is down for her morning nap, then I strip down to spandex and a sports bra and slip out for an hour of hot, sweaty… Mind out of the gutter… Elliptical time!

I seriously love my $500 Craigslist elliptical. And Netflix. Love.

I’m not the runner I once was, but I’m really loving this stage of life. Being a mom rocks! Watching tv while I workout rocks! And I do still race occasionally. In fact, I’m running a memorial 10k tomorrow.

Do I have any chance of winning?


Maybe I’ll blog about it…


9 thoughts on “Probably Not

  1. I have missed your blog mucho.

    Your little gal is absolutely beautiful. If you’d like to set up an arranged marriage with one of my boys let me know!

    I hope you blog again before your daughter turns two!

    • Amy! I missed you. In fact, I just went back and read a few of your recent posts… I especially liked the one about those so-called “fitspirational” pics. What crap! And your boys are adorable, so I could be down with an arrangement. 😉 maybe they could meet up at BYU??!!

  2. Hey Jessica this is one of your long lost roommates. I have you on my blog list and was excited to see a new post. I remember the good old Hincky Winky Days or was it Hinckly Winky…You little girl really is super cute. I wish i were in good as shape as you, but sadly I am far from it. I just bought a groupon recumbent bike and have a few Jillian workouts hopefully they will help me back to the healthy side of life. My newest one is 3 months now. Isn’t being a mom the best! THanks for the post. :)becky

    • Hey, Becky!! I can’t believe you remember the Hinky Winky (or whatever it was called)… How embarrassing! Awesomely embarrassing, that is. 😉 true being a mom is the best! Way worth any sacrifice… Even our old fit bodies. Haha! I know you’ll rock that recumbent! The key is to find a good series to watch and make it your own precious “me” time. Prepare to be stalked on Facebook, so I can check out all your cute littles!!

  3. Welcome back-ish. I like your blog posts a lot. That little girl is pretty darn cute. In fact… I don’t know if babies get much cuter than that. And I’m proud of you for keeping in shape, even if it’s garage elliptical running watching Netflix. Maybe your next blog post should be your top 10 Netflix must watch list. I find myself browsing and browsing for something to watch, only to have wasted 30 minutes… Happy to hear you are doing well.

    • Awww, thanks Jenna. Well, we already know that I’m a nerd, so most of my top 10 would be Disney Channel shows. But I’ve also been into Wonder Years and the Andy Griffith show lately. See… Nerd. :)

      Hope your doing well. Cec and I did a race kinda close to your house yesterday and were talking about you. We just really love you!

  4. I hope you still read these posts from time to time. I’d love to get one of your Baby On Board Running shirts.
    I’m a runner and have looked for a Baby on Board shirt and can’t find anything I like. Yours is AWESOME!
    Please let me know if this is still possible. Thanks so much.

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