For Cecily, it began in the womb.  And for Jessica, it was her earliest memory.  Three-year old Jessica would put her face right up to her mother’s pregnant belly and whisper to the sister and best friend she knew was on her way.  

The little messages to fetus Cecily must have done the trick, because we’ve been inseparable best friends ever since.

From sharing outfits, to sharing a bed and a room and toys, to sharing friends and likes and interests, there wasn’t much we didn’t share.  And if Jessica could do something, though younger, Cecily wouldn’t be far behind in doing it herself.  And usually better.

So, when Jessica turned from her dreams to play pro soccer to a new sport, long distance running… Cecily followed suit.  Our passion for running grew and we soon had one dream: to run together on the 4-time national championship cross country team at Brigham Young University for Coach Patrick Shane.

It took some time and a few years of separation, but eventually all our hard work and dreaming payed off.

We both ran the 3k, 5k, and specialized in the 10k.

Cecily went on to be a 10k national champion runner-up in the track season of 2009 and top 10 at Cross Country Nationals that same year.

We struggled through injury, disappointments, and set-backs, but we also tasted victories sweet.  The best part was that we were doing it together.  That was the dream and we lived it.  There is nothing like doing the thing you like best, with the person you like best, everyday.

But “nothing gold can stay.” Now, we’re both graduated, married, and moving into different stages of life.

Jessica is a substitute teacher and lives in Northern California with her Air Force husband, Jason. Their new dream is to have a family.

Cecily, is now running professionally, and is moving to the Caribbean with her husband, Matt, where he will be attending medical school.

How could we survive living so far apart?  After all this time of being spoiled and having the best running buddy in the world, how could we run alone?

Then we thought of a way that we could stay connected and even feel like we were running together, though we would be countries apart… We would start a blog!  We thought that if we could take turns posting about our run that day and sharing stories, it would almost be like being back on our old runs together.

Then it hit us, why be so greedy?  We could share this with everyone!  Nobody likes to run alone… especially day after day after day, which is the name of the game in this sport.  You run, you eat, you run, you eat, you try and have a life in there somewhere and then you run again.

Thus, reRun was born.  It’s our way of connecting with each other and with other great runners like you.  So, whether you’re a long-time runner, or brand new and trying to fall in love with it, come be a part of the reRun team and don’t run alone!

We’ll share our stories, experiences, advice, and love for running and invite you to do the same!  No matter your level of fitness or experience, running has something to offer everyone and we believe that anyone can be a runner… it just take a little consistency… rerun, baby.

So, rejoice!  You’ll always have running buddies, because we’re not going anywhere… it’s like Cecily said in her first post about her Race Hangover, many things may change, but our “addiction to running… that will always be on rerun.”

We’d love to hear your stories! Write to us at :

19 thoughts on “reAcquainted

    • Oh my gosh, you are too sweet!! We’ve been reading through your blog and you are pretty dang incredible yourself! Keep rockin’ it, lady!!!

    • Aww… thank you! You just made my whole day!! I just hope I’m as gorgeous, fit, and cool as you are after I have a couple of wonderful kids!

  1. I am so addicted to your blog already!! love the story and love that you KNOW what you’re doing as, alas, I do NOT 😉 lol I’m going to be tackling my first ever 5k this October. Super excited. Doing some speedwork this evening.

    • That is so exciting! You’re going to be awesome! I’m in love with your blog and your cooking skills… I NEED to try your grilled tofu. It could be the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I’ll let you know how it goes! I hope the speedwork went well! :)

  2. Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, it lead me to yours!! I LOVE THIS!! Such a neat idea for you and your sister, I love EVERY word I’ve read so far!! Cannot wait to keep reading :)

  3. Well you two are officially my new heroes. I’m in my final year of high school running and winning a national championship is a dream of mine. Not sure if it would ever happen, but it’s so cool to read about someone who it did happen to :)

    • Thank you, Tara!! You are too sweet… and although Cec should have been national champ (a few times actually… :) but the closest she got was runner-up, or 2nd place… then the injury monster really bit her hard… but she’ll make up for it, because she’s doing the pro thing now for Saucony.
      So, you should know that you are our hero, because you have it all in front of you and you can so do it! That actually why we decided to share this blog is so that we could inspire and learn from runners right in your position… making your dreams come true!!!

      • Apr09Jim_C Tony nice to see that you ha7v2&#8n1e;t lost your touch for humor. Great stuff. Sorry I haven’t read it sooner, but after seeing your posts on facebook for like the thousandth time I had to come look. Glad I did, and i miss your wisdom on the TU blog.

  4. Just discovered your guys’ blog! Too cute, and so much talent! I also ran in college (only for a D-3 school) and loved it so much. I can’t wait to read more. :)

  5. Hi, I really admire you guys and your athletics. I know your not nutritionists or trainers, but would you mind if I asked some questions? To get some thoughts? Advice? Antyhting? If so, you can email me at the above address. Its regarding low weight, used to be an athlete, etc. Thanks either way!

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