We all need heroes. For a long time, ours was Mia Hamm.


I mean, the girl’s a beast. So cool.



And then, of course, as with the rest of the nation, the 1996 Olympic gymnastic team.

Then it was pretty much any girl on the BYU cross country team. And when Kassi Andersen became a National Champion in the steeple chase, it was her.

I even tracked her down and got her to sign a t-shirt for Cecily’s Christmas present one year.  It was her favorite gift. She wore it to bed every night… still does, sometimes…

You can learn a lot from heroes.  They know what it takes to play the game, get knocked down, overcome, excel.  If you really want to be the best, or just be your best, then it’s important to learn from the best.  

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