We become runners at different times and for different reasons… For me, like many, it was conditioning for my true sport, soccer. For Cec, it was because that “true sport” broke her arm.  And then despite the unavoidable, self-inflicted pain and those that that call us crazy for continuing, we all have our reasons for sticking with it.  For me, it was the ribbon I received at my first race. For Cec, I think it also had to something to do with ribbons. Hey, when you’re 12, ribbons are way cool!

Rewards are a big motivator.  And you’ve got to have motivation to get out there and pound pavement day after day.  It may be that extra helping of ice cream you plan on dishing up later tonight, or the skinny jeans you’re going to look so dang smoking in, or (if you’re like our husbands) the girl that you’re running with, or just that runner’s high…  Or, hey maybe, you’re hoping for some ribbons.

Well, this page is all about rewarding you. We know you’ve been running like a beast out there and you deserve a ribbon

…or maybe something a little cooler.  So, from time to time we’ll have contests and giveaways—ways for you to get motivated, because we believe all…

reRunners deserve reWards!

Follow the link below, or click on the “Prizes” tab under reWards above to see how you can be reWarded.

Guess Our Mileage Contest! | reRun Running.

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